Prioritize Your Midwifery Marketing Efforts

The world of marketing advice is NOISY. Sorry to add to it… But at least when you read information and advice from us, you know you’re getting our best effort at unbiased, experienced information based on everything we’ve learned in years of marketing for midwifery practices. And if there’s one key way we encourage you to avoid becoming completely overwhelmed when dipping your toe into your marketing, it would be to carefully prioritize your midwifery marketing efforts.

Should you be posting more Tweets? Should you be making more Reels? What about creating more graphics? Or how about doing a winter photo shoot? There are always so many options, and none of them seem all that bad, but the overwhelm with a list like that is very real. When you consider how you’re going to approach your midwifery marketing strategy, we would encourage you to start with the most impactful steps that require the least effort. That’s how you leverage what you’re doing! 

Let’s consider an example. On the one hand, there’s plenty of advice to be super active on Twitter, posting quick, creative, snappy, fun Tweets all day. And hey, that’s not a bad way to go! Frankly, if that’s a personal strength of yours, we say you should go for it! However, for MOST people, this is not a strong suit. It requires a lot of time and effort, constant creativity, and the growth you’re likely to see is going to be slow. Again, all of those things are OK in general, but when you look to prioritize, if that’s the only thing you’re doing with your marketing, it’ll likely take a long time to pay off.

On the flip side, let’s consider one course of action that we often recommend for our midwifery clients. First, we’ll create a nice video (NOT as hard as it sounds) that highlights one or more of your services. That ONE video can be utilized as a Reel on Instagram, posted to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, and even your Twitter too. You’ll see the reach of multiple platforms all at once, and if you go only one step further, you can utilize a small advertising budget to push that video out to your precisely targeted audience.

With a strategy like that, you’ll utilize LESS effort for likely way MORE reach, and that’s how we prioritize and achieve good leverage in your marketing! So when the noise is getting you overwhelmed, remember what you want to say yes to, what you want to say no to, and how you’re going to prioritize your midwifery marketing efforts.

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