Podcasting for Midwives: How a Podcast Can Evolve Your Marketing

Some people love to talk, and some people love to listen. Either way, podcasting for midwives is one of the best things you can do for your midwifery practice or birth center marketing, but probably not for the reasons you’d expect. Today, we’re talking about why starting a podcast can massively evolve how you approach your midwifery marketing.

First, let’s cover who can podcast: ANYONE! Wait, trust us on this one, give us a chance to convince you. Most people think that in order to have a podcast, you have to be naturally gifted verbally, but it’s simply not true. For one thing, we’re all more gifted at speaking than we think we are – no one is as harsh of a critic of your own speaking as you are. As a podcaster, you already have the benefit of getting to speak on topics that you’re knowledgeable about. Speaking with experience in both being a host (of the Socially Unstable podcast) and a guest on podcasts, we can tell you that the easiest podcast to participate in is your own. When you pick the topic, it’s much easier to navigate your way through.

So no, you don’t actually need to be a talented orator to get your podcast going, and it has very little to do with the benefits anyways. All you need to be in order to be a great podcaster is consistent, disciplined, and a touch creative. There’s no quicker way to disappoint your audience than to start a podcast and give up on it within 10 episodes. Your audience will see and notice when you can’t commit to a project like this. But if you plan right and stick to a schedule, you can keep a podcast working for you for a long time.

And why would you want a podcast for your midwifery practice? Glad you asked. First off, no, we’re not promoting the idea of podcasting for midwives to try to get you a viral podcast with millions of listeners. That’s not the benefit that we think of when it comes to podcasting. There are two much more important benefits:

  1. Podcasting content leads to other content

You can look at our Marketing TEA Socially Unstable podcast for an example here – we use our podcast as literal new content, creating video clips out of moments from the show, which is super simple to do and to do well. But more than that, we use the conversations from our podcast to fuel our blog posts, our topics for photo posts, ideas for new videos, and anything and everything in between. Having a podcast where you can brainstorm new ideas offers a dual benefit of being new content itself and helping you come up with new ideas for content.

  1. Podcasting offers educational and SEO opportunities

When you host a regular podcast, you have a chance to create and archive informational and educational content for your midwifery clients or birth center clients in an easily accessible format. Even better? If you handle the technical details of your podcast and its coordinating content correctly, the topics you cover will link up to your SEO goals and allow your website and podcast to begin to rank for some key topics that you want your target audience to find.

Podcasting for midwives? You can do it. And we can help. Just get it started, make a plan, and stay consistent, and you’ll be reaping the benefits of your midwifery podcast for years!

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