Why Midwives Must Be Everywhere – Midwife Marketing Basics


Recently we wrote a blog post called Why Every Midwife Should Be Using Facebook Ads, where we discussed why we believe that Facebook Ads are the great equalizer of marketing for midwives (and birth centers too.) Since then, we’ve received lots of questions from midwives across the country asking how they too can create Facebook Ads that bring in new patients just as we described in our article. So today we’re going to give you the surprising answer that you didn’t see coming as a part of our exploration into midwife marketing basics. Want to bring in new patients? We’re going to tell you why in this day and age, midwives must be EVERYWHERE.


When we talk with midwives about Facebook Ads, we almost always hear the same thing: “I tried Facebook Ads, but it didn’t work the way I thought it would! I thought I would have LOTS of new patients while paying almost nothing! My ad looked great, why didn’t it work??” *this is only a slight exaggeration*


Now you might think that when we get a question like that, we start to dive into the details. You might assume that we would look at the ad’s text copy, the image or video that was running with the ad, the offer that the ad was making. You might think that we then apply our secret, highly skilled marketing tactics to fix the advertising – and sometimes we do. But 9 times out of 10, instead of zooming in on why an ad doesn’t work, we zoom OUT. We look EVERYWHERE instead.


Let us explain…


In this age of instant information, when we learn about a product or a service that sounds interesting, we all instinctively seek out more information. For example, let’s say there was a company that claimed to be expert marketers for midwives (hello!). If that was something that was intriguing to you, you would likely seek out more information. You might check out that company’s Facebook page (facebook.com/marketingteabrand); you might check out their Instagram account (instagram.com/marketingtea); you might want to browse around their website (marketingtea.com); you might like to see if they’ve made any hilarious and informative videos (facebook.com/pg/marketingteabrand/videos) or you might want to speak directly to them (marketingtea.com/contact). Regardless of who you are or where you prefer to get your information from, we all instinctively like to gather information, especially in a world where information is so readily available.


It now MATTERS that businesses and midwives have a presence everywhere. But simply having a presence is not enough – that business or midwife must also be engaging, entertaining, interesting, unique. If anyone was out there writing BETTER blogs or making BETTER videos on midwife marketing than Marketing TEA, how could we hope to compete? (Good thing we’re the best)


Our point is that as the web of information grows across social media platforms, websites, online directories, blogs, forums, etc., one thing will always remain the same: The midwife that provides the most information in the most places in the most engaging way will always be the one that a potential patient chooses. AKA Midwives must be EVERYWHERE.


So when we get a question from a midwife about why their Facebook Ad was expensive and seemed to fail, why their email blast didn’t get any engagement, why their website has no traffic, why their Instagram account has no followers, or, the best question, why they aren’t bringing in new patients, we don’t zoom in. First we ask how they stand EVERYWHERE.


Now, we know that getting your midwife brand to appear EVERYWHERE in an engaging way is an overwhelming task. And that’s where we come in. We would love to talk with you to share how we help midwives and birth centers get their brand EVERYWHERE. CLICK HERE to have a chat with us about growing your midwifery practice or birth center!

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