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If you have seen our Facebook or Instagram you know that WE LOVE VIDEOS. There are so many reasons why video is important for doulas, midwives, and birth centers and we make sure to tell ANYONE who is running a business to USE VIDEO in their marketing. Most people shy away from video because they feel awkward on camera or they just don’t have enough time, but our goal is to show you that the pros of video marketing greatly outweigh the cons, and that video is definitely worth your time!

  1. Potential clients are watching videos. Ever heard of YouTube? It’s only the second largest search engine, right after Google. Have you ever watched a video to learn more about a product or service? So has everyone else. That’s because videos give people the ability to see and research before they buy.
  1. Your competitors are using videos. Some doulas, midwives, and birth centers are already taking advantage of video marketing, and if you look at their Facebook pages, you’ll see that the engagement is INCREDIBLE. That’s because people are connecting with what they see in videos and feel compelled to comment. Have you ever wondered why another doula, midwife, or birth center is getting so many new patients? Take a look and see of they are using video marketing. You’ll quickly get your answer.
  1. Videos are easy to search for. 70% of the top listed search results on Google are results for videos. Everyone knows how important it is to have high Google rankings, so why not get them by using videos?
  1. Videos are easily shareable. Everyone has seen their friends share videos on Facebook, but did you know that more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every MINUTE? More than 500 YEARS worth of YouTube videos are watched everyday. Numbers don’t lie, people are sharing video now more than ever.
  1. Videos help build a connection. When people see you on videos, they get the chance to connect with you. The truth is, it’s hard to connect with a business based on the written content on their website alone. People want to SEE what your birth center looks like, they want to gauge what the atmosphere is like, they want to meet the team, and they want hear about past patients to know how their experience was. Videos help connect people to who you are; it helps people connect to your brand. Video is powerful.

With all of that knowledge I am SURE you want to hear more about the power of video and how we can EASILY make it happen for YOU! Shoot us an email or get on the phone with us TODAY and we can get you set up with one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

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