Crafting Your Marketing Message

This is a tricky blog to write. It’s not that it’s hard to put into words or anything, it’s just a little hard to say it nicely. You’ve got to have something to say. Marketing as a routine task is really just about HOW we say what we need to say. But if you skip the WHAT of what to say, your efforts will be severely lacking. From the outset, it’s our goal to help you answer the What, Why, and How of crafting your marketing message.

When we start working on a message, we’ve got to first look at what you want to say. We’ve got to decide what we’re giving away, what we’re holding back, what we actually want to sell (because no, sales isn’t a bad word), and we have to say it loud and proud. And don’t take this the wrong way, but the last thing we want to do is to have a boring marketing message. 

If you ever feel lost trying to find WHAT you want to say, remember this: If you didn’t have something to say, there would be no reason for your business. But there is. And you’ve got to say the one thing that only you can say. So what is that?

We can really only use ourselves as an example, and from the beginning, we’ve tried to always have clear messages. Messages like: Create original content, build a relationship with your audience, do things that express your own brand instead of trying to be like anyone else, etc etc. Because we know just how important it is to have a clear message, we’ve never had to struggle with what to say, and all we’ve done is tried to find new and exciting ways HOW to say it.

The How is where you get to all the great options like podcasting and writing, creating videos, all the stuff we talk about on a regular basis over here. And as long as you continue to strategize on what you want to say, you’ll find that crafting your marketing message becomes one of your favorite tasks.

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