Video Marketing for Midwives

Around here, we’re always talking about content marketing this and content marketing that. But what do we really mean when we talk about creating unique, original content that shows off your brand as a key part of your marketing strategy? Well, there are multiple types of content that you may want to create – written content, photo content, graphics content, audio content like podcasts, but we’ve always felt that one of the most powerful pieces of content that midwives should be creating is video content. Let’s take a quick look at video marketing for midwives.

Video marketing for midwives, midwifery practices, birth centers, etc can be an intimidating project at first. Maybe you’re unfamiliar with shooting high quality video content. Maybe you don’t have much practice in front of a camera. Or maybe the thought of editing videos or Reels intimidates you. The good news is that when you take on creating video marketing content with Marketing TEA, you aren’t alone in any of the process! In fact, the only thing you’re going to have to do is get in front of the camera at some point, and even THAT can be made easier when you’re working with a great videographer. 

From our founding 7 years ago, we knew that the best way for a midwifery practice or a birth center to connect with their audience was through video content. It combines the best communication methods for visual thinkers, listeners, and even folks who want to see things written out when we utilize animation and text-on-screen. Although other forms of content creation are quite a bit easier, video production tells a story and makes a connection that is unmatched. Ever wonder why video has taken over social media and advertising? It’s because it still remains as the most memorable form of multimedia that exists.

Our approach to creating video marketing for midwives starts by removing all of the most challenging barriers of video production so that our clients have the least amount of work on their plate possible. When it comes to video production, we handle literally EVERYTHING that needs to be done to create massive amounts of unique video content except for the ONE thing that we can’t do ourselves: step in front of the camera and give your unique perspective. However, even that part of the process we’ve made easier by asking expert questions designed to maximize our video production capabilities while keeping the pressure off with as simple of Q&A as possible. When you’re in front of the camera with Marketing TEA, you’re only answering things you know exactly how to answer. You rip that BandAid right off, and we walk away and handle ALL the work to make you and your brand look polished and professional through amazing video marketing.

Our goal has always been to make a super high level of marketing strategy available to midwives, midwifery practices, and birth centers with a scope that makes sense for them. And video is one of our favorite ways to do it. Curious about adopting a video strategy for your practice? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through how to do it, no matter who you are!

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