Getting Serious About Content Marketing

Here at Marketing TEA, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes, industries, and technological backgrounds achieve some remarkable results in their marketing. And yes, we do have a pretty brilliant team, rule-breaking digital strategies, and a whole lot of experience, but our ‘secret’ is really not a secret at all. The businesses that are experiencing growth […]

Marketing TEA Goes Mobile

It’s been quiet around here at Marketing TEA… Too quiet… And we’re sure you’ve noticed and have been missing our typically entertaining content, useful information, and hilarious videos! Well, we’re glad to update you all that it has all been for some amazing reasons that we can finally share. Marketing TEA has officially gone completely […]

It’s A Wonderful Site

It’s a Wonderful Site It was Christmas Eve, and Georgina Bailey looked sadly at the world around her. She had spent years–YEARS–building a following on social media, but for what? All the friend requests, all the notifications, all the pages. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wuphf, Snapchat. Georgina felt a lump at the back of her throat […]

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Business?

Is ‘Perfectionism’ Killing Your Business? Okay, so you want to make a video, but your team is feeling a little worn down after that twenty (or was it ninety?) hour labor earlier. Maybe tomorrow? So, today’s the day! You’re feeling great about your outfit, you somehow mastered an even cat eye, and your hair actually […]

Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use? At Marketing TEA, we know the VITAL role that social media plays in growing your business. At this point (because it’s 2018), we hope that you have also recognized the upside that social media COULD offer your business, even if you haven’t fully taken advantage of it yet. […]

AABC Birth Institute: Maximizing Relationships Presentation Notes

AABC Birth Institute: Maximizing Relationships Presentation Notes Our time at AABC’s Birth Institute 2018 is coming to a close, but Marketing TEA is going to save the best event for last: our marketing presentation! This year, our theme is on Maximizing Relationships, and it’s a perfect fit for the conference so far. What are we […]

AABC Birth Institute 2018 Content Checklist

It’s October already, and finally time for this year’s AABC Birth Institute 2018!  And this year, we hope that Birth Institute is a little warmer, right? Nothing against Alaska 2017, but we are excited to get some sunshine and we’re sure you are too! Just like last year, Marketing TEA is going to be showing […]

Website Mistakes That Are Bad for Business

Website Mistakes That Are Bad for Business Now that you’ve spent all this time, creative effort, and maybe even money creating your awesome and engaging content, you had better make sure that all the new attention you’ve gained from your community isn’t going to waste. Imagine that someone sees and engages with one of your […]

AABC Birth Center Marketing Webinar with Marketing TEA

AABC Birth Center Marketing Webinar with Marketing TEA This is it, everyone. The webinar that could literally change your birth center FOREVER. On April 18th (that’s THIS Wednesday!) at 3pm Eastern Time, Marketing TEA’s Co-Founder Tyler will be giving away more in-depth information than ever before as the host of the American Association of Birth […]