AABC Birth Center Marketing Webinar with Marketing TEA

This is it, everyone. The webinar that could literally change your birth center FOREVER. On April 18th (that’s THIS Wednesday!) at 3pm Eastern Time, Marketing TEA’s Co-Founder Tyler will be giving away more in-depth information than ever before as the host of the American Association of Birth Center’s first ever content marketing webinar for birth centers. And what you learn may just change the way your birth center operates forever.

It all starts with content. Tyler has generously named the upcoming webinar: “CONTENT MARKETING: HOW CONTENT CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR BIRTH CENTER” – and it’s more than just a slick tagline in this case. At Marketing TEA, our attention is on the birth centers that we serve across the country. And, more so, our attention is on their respective communities. And if there’s one certainty that we have, it’s that the new dividing line between a birth center that exists temporarily and a birth center that THRIVES indefinitely ALL boils down to content.

Curious what we mean by content? Wondering how content could really be THAT important to your birth center? Interested to see how you can start creating content on your own? Well, then I guess we’ll see you there, right?

Register online right now (seriously. go on. make it happen.) at https://aabc.site-ym.com/?page=webinars – Tyler WILL be answering your questions LIVE throughout the webinar, so bring any question you’ve ever had about marketing your birth center and get it answered! AABC members can attend and view for FREE! And if you are unable to make the date, you can always view the webinar recording after. Just remember, only LIVE viewers will have their questions answered. Seriously, we’d love to hear a good reason NOT to attend…

Curious what wild things Tyler has in store for this webinar? Just watch this: https://www.facebook.com/marketingteabrand/videos/1819292411713117/

Interested in a little background information before the webinar? Good news! We’ve talked about content so many times! Like in THIS BLOG, THIS BLOG TOO, or EVEN THIS BLOG.


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