Bringing ‘Boutique’ Marketing to the Martial Arts World

Bringing ‘Boutique’ Marketing to the Martial Arts World

Bringing ‘Boutique’ Marketing to the Martial Arts World I wish there was a better word for it honestly (and maybe I’ll invent one in the future), but the best term I’ve come across is ‘boutique.’ Boutique Marketing is all the rage for small business owners who want a truly unique approach to developing their brand […]

Martial Arts Marketing: Content Marketing for Fitness at Marketing TEA

Martial Arts Marketing

At Marketing TEA, every member of our team is passionate about true health & wellness. Whether it’s the Andrea & I as the Wild Hixsons out hiking, cooking all our food from scratch (including my sourdough obsession), or swinging kettlebells around, or our team member Kenzie getting that cardio in while hitting a heavy bag, […]

The Power of Content Calendars

Power of Content Calendars

The Power of Content Calendars | Spill the TEA with Kenzie Social media is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of work from planning, editing, writing, photographing, posting, engaging… there are a TON of steps. With so many things to do, it can be challenging to stick to a plan or remember […]

Creating Consistency

Creating Consistency

Creating Consistency How many of us want to create a memorable brand that stands out from the crowd? I hope the answer is a huge 100% of us! When it comes to building a memorable brand, it is all about CONSISTENCY. Consistency in everything you do from imagery, videos, language, fonts, colors and more. But […]

Custom TEA Blend Marketing: The Future of Digital Marketing

Custom TEA Blend Marketing: The Future of Digital Marketing The cat is out of the bag, and it’s time to share some truly exciting news with the world! Marketing TEA’s been blending up something unique to take our approach to marketing to the next level. Want to know more about the future of digital marketing […]

Getting Serious About Content Marketing

Here at Marketing TEA, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes, industries, and technological backgrounds achieve some remarkable results in their marketing. And yes, we do have a pretty brilliant team, rule-breaking digital strategies, and a whole lot of experience, but our ‘secret’ is really not a secret at all. The businesses that are experiencing growth […]

Marketing TEA Goes Mobile

It’s been quiet around here at Marketing TEA… Too quiet… And we’re sure you’ve noticed and have been missing our typically entertaining content, useful information, and hilarious videos! Well, we’re glad to update you all that it has all been for some amazing reasons that we can finally share. Marketing TEA has officially gone completely […]

It’s A Wonderful Site

It’s a Wonderful Site It was Christmas Eve, and Georgina Bailey looked sadly at the world around her. She had spent years–YEARS–building a following on social media, but for what? All the friend requests, all the notifications, all the pages. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wuphf, Snapchat. Georgina felt a lump at the back of her throat […]