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DOULAS! First of all, you are incredible people. When we started Marketing TEA, we knew we wanted to work with every type of natural birth professional, and doulas have a special place in that group. You are truly one of a kind so we wanted to open up an AFFORDABLE and unique place for you to learn DIY doula marketing.

Lets face it, not everyone can afford a full-service marketing team. It can be costly, and when you are just starting out, it can be very difficult to front the cost for marketing. So what is the solution? DIY (Do-It-Yourself) right? Some doulas might understand the ins and outs of marketing without any help, and that is FANTASTIC! But some need a bit of guidance if they are going to be doing all of their doula marketing on their own.

That is where we come in. Marketing TEA has just launched a Facebook mastermind group specifically for DOULAS! Everything you need to know about your doula marketing strategy. And the best part is that we’ve made it AFFORDABLE for you! We don’t think we’re being too cocky when we say that we’ve made the perfect tool for doulas who want pro marketing help with growing their business!

Here is what the doula marketing group includes:

Weekly How-to Videos – Want to know how to target your audience with Facebook ads? Want to know the tips & tricks behind creating PERFECT video content from your cell phone? Interested in growing your Instagram audience? Curious about optimizing your SEO for better search engine rankings? We have you covered. We will answer all of these questions and tons MORE in our weekly doula marketing ‘how-to’ videos!

Weekly Live Videos – Every week, we will hop on to do a LIVE Q&A session. You ask your questions in real time, and we give real answers.

Constant Q & A – Outside of our video sessions, you will be able to ask questions at any point, and we will respond with answers!

Community & Doula Support – We are bringing together doulas from across the country to help and support each other while working on their business and marketing goals!

If this sounds like something YOU want to be a part of, we would LOVE to bring you into the group. This doula mastermind group is an INCREDIBLE marketing tool and we want you to take advantage of our doula marketing knowledge to grow your business! Click here to get more info and JOIN today!

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