Why Every Midwife Should Be Using Facebook Ads

There are two things that we hear almost every single day from incredible midwives across the country:

Number 1 – “Most of my patients come to me for midwifery services through word of mouth.”

Number 2 – “When women learn about natural birth, 9 times out of 10 they consider my midwifery services FIRST over a hospital birth.”

So what if we told you that it was possible to actually INCREASE the already formidable power of word of mouth AND LEVERAGE community-wide natural birth education to MASSIVELY increase the number of clients pursuing your midwifery services? You may have already guessed it by now – we’re talking about Facebook Ads.

There’s a reason why we’re fighting for EVERY single midwife in the US to start using Facebook Ads for their business. And now we’d like to share some of our reasons with you. Why? Because we desperately want to see every midwife THRIVE, and we know that Facebook Ads are the answer.

What are Facebook Ads you ask? The answer is actually relatively simple! Facebook Ads are a simple online advertising tool that allows anyone to promote their message out to a targeted group of individuals through the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Ads come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, including videos, links, photos, or a combination of all three! And the best part? ANYONE can use Facebook Ads.

To kick this off, you may want to learn a little bit about content marketing – the key to the whole equation. But the basic concept is this: content marketing means creating content (videos, writing, photos) that you distribute via your channels (social media, email, website) to your community. Content marketing is incredibly powerful because it lends itself well to education. And we already know that education is perhaps the strongest tool we have to build the natural birth movement. So imagine if you could take your content, your message, and spend PENNIES spreading that natural birth education throughout your community? That’s precisely what midwives are able to do with Facebook Ads. And that’s precisely what makes us so excited.

But what about word of mouth? That mysterious, elusive force that is the lifeblood of many midwifery businesses? How can Facebook Ads help your word of mouth like we claimed? At its core, word of mouth is a TRUST builder. You rely on your community to reach out to their circles, to spread their testimonials of your midwifery & birth services. But just imagine this:  What if you could supplement the word of mouth about your business with your own voice? What if you could empower your community to learn more about YOU straight from the source? When you use Facebook ads, you CAN add your voice to the conversation. You can directly reach and make a personal, trusting connection with thousands of your potential clients.

THIS is why Facebook Ads is the great equalizer for midwives. In fact, we’d argue that because of Facebook Ads, many midwives now have the advantage over their local hospital in reaching women to advertise their birth services. The question is, will you take this advantage? Will you educate and empower women in your community? Will you grow your client base with the NEW word of mouth? If yes, then now is the time to use Facebook Ads.

Wondering just HOW you can start using Facebook Ads the RIGHT way? Curious if Facebook Ads are right for you? Interested in learning more about the value of Facebook Ads? That’s where we come in. We would love to talk with you to share even more of the secrets we’ve learned using Facebook Ads for midwives. CLICK HERE to have a chat with us about using Facebook Ads!

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