There is plenty to be excited about at AABC’s Birth Institute this year. I mean, we’re going to Alaska you guys! But in between Dr. Sperlich’s Keynote, the Resurrection Bay Cruise, or even simply the chance to take a break from our daily routines, Marketing TEA is going to be the CHAMPIONS of an opportunity that you may easily forget about while we’re all birth-center-partying at Birth Institute… That opportunity – you may have already guessed – is content creation!


Now, we know you’re already familiar with our stance on CONTENT-focused marketing; that is using videos, images, and text to spread your message to your community. We’ve talked about it so many times! Like in THIS BLOG, THIS BLOG TOO, or EVEN THIS BLOG.


But what we don’t always talk about are the opportunities to mine for great content, and since we’re all already so excited about AABC’s Birth Institute, we want to show you how your trip to beautiful Alaska can become a hotbed for creating incredibly unique and engaging content for your community back home.


First, consider the purpose of your attendance at Birth Institute. While there may be a MASSIVE list of reasons to attend (like whale watching, Alaska, the mountain views, Alaska, socializing with renowned colleagues, becoming basically a Canadian, Alaska, bears, eating crab, etc.) your COMMUNITY will care about one reason in particular. You are attending to learn how you can make your birth center even better. How to make your birth center a safer, more empowered, more efficient and effective community icon – a symbol for natural birth in your community. Do you think your community cares about THAT? You bet.


Even though we all may be thousands of miles from home, we can guarantee that your audience and community will care to know just how far you’d go to bring BETTER birth to them. You really would walk 500 miles and 500 more just to bring BETTER birth to your community (the authors apologize, we just had to make that reference).


So now that we’ve established that YOUR presence at AABC’s Birth Institute is incredibly important to your birth center’s community, we should probably give you some FREE ideas as to HOW you can strut your Alaska stuff, right? Let’s do it.


Before you go, brainstorm a list of content that you can gather at Birth Institute. To get you started, here’s our list (yes, there are a lot of selfies because selfies are the best):


  1. A selfie photo OR video at the airport or on the plane. Show off your travel swag. Post to Instagram and tell your birth center groupies about your new album tour.
  2. A cool flatlay of your conference-carry. Drop your nametag, a notepad & pen, your cup of tea, your secret stash of Snickers and any other related conference gear on the desk of your room at The Hotel Captain Cook and snap a pic of it. Show your community your gear for tackling the day and tell them what you’ll be learning about bringing better birth back home.
  3. A selfie photo OR video with the Marketing TEA crew (that’s us). We think this one is pretty obvious. The energy you’re going to get from our booth will be intoxicating, and we’ll probably MAKE you take a selfie with our wild selves by the time you’re done talking with us. We had better take a lot of selfies on this trip! Tyler’s even breaking out his selfie stick for you…because it’s all about those angles.
  4. A group pic with your lifelong AABC friends. We know you’ve made incredible friends through AABC. Show them off.
  5. An ‘end of day’ video. At the end of the day when your brain cells are simply bloated, take a quick video telling your community the top 5 most amazing things you’ve taken away from the day. Tell them why you can’t wait to bring your new knowledge back to your birth center.
  6. A video or photo of your favorite speaker – or maybe a selfie with the two of you together! We all know there are going to be some truly inspirational speakers at Birth Institute this year – pull out that smartphone and snap a pic! Tell your audience what you’ve learned from that person or how they inspired you to change your birth center.
  7. A ‘wrap it up’ video. In the Uber to the airport, on the plane, in the car on the way back home, or even after you’ve woken up from your jetlagged sleep following that red-eye flight. It doesn’t matter when – what matters is that you make one final video to tell your community about what an impact AABC’s Birth Institute 2017 has had on your birth center.
  8. A final ‘journal’ blog. Blog about your experience at Birth Institute and post it on your website for all to see. Don’t have a blog? Well then you probably need to come chat with us at our Birth Institute booth…


So there you have it – 8 amazing ideas for creating engaging content that your birth center’s audience will LOVE. All from the comfort of your Alaska trip. You better believe we’ll be mining for great content at Birth Institute, and you can watch our journey on Facebook @ or on Instagram @MarketingTEA. We’ve got a LOT of surprises in store for you in Alaska…


We can’t wait to see you at AABC’s Birth Institute 2017. Stop by and say hello, and more importantly, enjoy Birth Institute!


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