We blinked and now it’s November! In October, we went to the American Association of Birth Center’s Birth Institute Conference (AABC), and we knew we would be out of the social media world for a few days, so we prepared our content in advance. Now all of a sudden it’s November, our local stores are filled with candy canes and snow machines, and we’ve started preparing our content for the holidays! We know you’re already familiar with our stance on CONTENT-focused marketing; that is using videos, images, and text to spread your message to your community. We’ve talked about it so many times! BUT in case you need a refresher check out THIS BLOG, THIS BLOG, or EVEN THIS BLOG.

Yes we know, it stings a little to see acknowledgement of the holidays this early… but we have no choice! Just as women do not stop having babies over the holidays, marketing for your natural birth business doesn’t stop over the holidays. In fact, marketing is MORE important during the holidays!

I’m sure you are wondering what in the world a turkey and a few reindeer have to do with your marketing? The truth is that it isn’t about the holidays, it is about what the holidays bring… connection! This time of year is when people are connecting the most with their family and friends online. People are getting consecutive days off of work, and they are using that time to shop online and chat with family and friends. The get on Facebook and Instagram to share photos of their loved ones around the turkey or get recommendations on a good home brewery kit for their dad. They have time to catch up on their favorite blogs and newsletters and they finally have a moment to clean out their email inbox (3,452 emails anyone?).

NOW is the time to be marketing online, but it is easy to ignore because YOU want to spend time connecting with your family and friends too! So, that is why we suggest you plan ahead and prepare all of your content in advance. You can write your holiday blog post now so it is ready to go out right after you get a few pictures at the holiday party! You can film your holiday video right now, so it is edited and ready to be posted on Thanksgiving. The good thing about technology is that you can do all of this prior to the holidays, and still spend time connecting with your family on the holidays!

Do you have your holiday plan in place yet?

Depending on your time commitment, your willingness to learn, and the complexity of your business and website, you may decide you need an expert to handle things for you – and you guessed it, that’s where we come in. Now, let’s talk about your new content strategy!

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