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Going viral sounds like a dream for a midwife doesn’t it? One morning, you wake up with your phone buzzing itself to exhaustion with thousands of notifications. You scramble to unlock it, and you discover that YOU (yes, YOU) have gone completely VIRAL. Every corner of the internet is absolutely reeling trying to interact with you, your Instagram account suddenly has hundreds of thousands of followers, your name is sitting right there on the top trends on Facebook and Twitter. Everyone wants to engage with YOU, hear YOUR unique ideas as a midwife. Talk shows want YOU to come discuss your views and methods of natural childbirth, your waiting list for new clients is 3 years long! People are literally waiting to conceive based on your availability! Beyonce wants you to be her personal midwife!


Ok, well maybe we’re getting a little unrealistic here… But the point is that virality is a real phenomenon that really happens. And it can happen to midwives too. But it doesn’t always have to be worldwide. In fact, virality often happens on a micro scale. And we think it’s high time midwives get involved. It’s time we see some Viral Midwifery.


Let’s rewind back to that joyful moment when you went viral. How did it happen? Well, we can’t always know for sure. If it was a science, anyone would be able to go viral. But we can tell you how it DIDN’T happen. We can guarantee that you DIDN’T go viral by NOT creating/doing/writing/saying/filming something. Don’t like double negatives? Let’s switch it up. If you never create/do/write/say/film something online, you will never go viral. Not even on the micro-scale that is achievable for any midwife. No person has ever gone viral online simply by existing. What if no one was rolling the camera when Charlie bit that finger so many years ago? Or when April the giraffe gave birth just this year? What a loss to the world that would have been.


And this is why we’re taking today to promote the idea of Viral Midwifery. Because midwives (and birth centers and doulas) have an incredibly important message to share with the world. It’s an educational message, an empowering message. And if we can help that message of natural childbirth to go viral, to reach the masses – even on micro-levels, then we’ve done an amazing thing.


By now we know you’re asking – How does a midwife go viral? What does it look like? Well, like we said before, if you are going to go viral, you’ll need to DO something impactful online. This is where all of our former posts on content marketing, like THIS ONE, or THIS ONE, or even THIS ONE, can come in handy. Because content marketing is actually just a stepping stone to Viral Midwifery. By creating engaging content that entertains, informs, impacts, and connects, midwives can find themselves going viral in very realistic ways. Want an example? Check out THIS VIDEO that Marketing TEA helped create with Babymoon Inn that has now been viewed by over 33,000 people (at the time of writing this blog). Now THAT’S Viral Midwifery.


So, are you ready to experience Viral Midwifery? That’s where we come in. We would love to talk with you to share how we help midwives and birth centers get their brand EVERYWHERE. CLICK HERE to have a chat with us about growing your midwifery practice or birth center!

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